jan shirley french translator and childrens author


Ashgate, now part of Routledge, produces beautiful and interesting books dealing with many aspects of history.

Book House, Northallerton
Brigid Irwin's treasure house of secondhand and antique books. Children's and transport are high priorities.

Editions Christian Sal├Ęs
Useful for works on the history of the Cathars and some interesting music.

King's School, Canterbury
The oldest school in England, older than England itself when you stop and think about it, and a joy and enrichment to children over all those centuries, and to me too some several decades ago.

Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford
LMH, a strange mix of serious scholarship and petty regulations when I was there. Probably there are fewer regulations now, but scholarship will still prevail.

Languedoc - Cathars
Extensive sections on the Cathars, the Cathar Wars and on Occitan.

There is serious scholarship here, well worth searching for.

Describes life in the Cumbrian community where I am lucky enough to live.