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Children's Fiction by Jan Shirley

Harry Bone-Thief

Harry Bone-Thief by Jan ShirleyHow can a boy outwit a king? King Henry must have an heir. That means he must have a new wife. And for that he needs the backing of the Church. But the king is prepared to do without their support and will defy the Pope. Even St Thomas Becket, lying buried in Canterbury cathedral for over three hundred years, must be removed. And anyone who tries to stand in the king’s way will pay a terrible price.

Harry must save the saint’s remains from being destroyed – but how? And what about his father, in the king’s jail in Southwark?

A spellbinding tale of a young boy’s determination and courage.

Excerpts from Harry Bone Thief

About the Author
Jan Shirley is a distinguished translator of medieval French, who grew up in Canterbury and was educated at the King’s School there.

Ragged Bears Publishing Ltd.
Publication date June 2011.  Age range 9 years +
Paperback, 128 pp.
ISBN 978-1-85714-449-9
Price £7.99

The Road to Stonehenge

The Road to Stonehenge by Jan ShirleyWhy do they keep wanting to kill me?

How can I make them stop?

Young Krenn lives in the West Country.
Her name means ‘doesn’t belong’ and true enough, she was found abandoned as a baby. Now the time has come for the tribe who adopted her to send her away, eastwards where the great temples are, to find her own people. It will be a long, hard journey and she must set off alone.

Excerpts from The Road to Stonehenge

Originally published as Krenn and the Great Ring of Berren.

‘A powerful book that holds the attention and entertains. The reader is swept along, lost in it all’
Michael Morpurgo

‘A hard journey for Krenn and a big adventure …a great book to read because as soon as you start reading you can’t stop.’
9 year old reader

Ragged Bears Publishing Ltd
Publication date June 2011. Age range 8 years +
Paperback, 128 pp. ISBN 978-1-85714-450-5
Price £7-99

Lucy Dragonfly

Lucy Dragonfly by Jan ShirleyThe sequel to Harry Bone-Thief is called Lucy Dragonfly and is published as a Kindle e-book on Amazon at £3.99.

I find it amazing - in the first week of publication someone in America downloaded a copy.

You couldn't do that with proper solid books that need posting, but I do like proper books.

Update on these titles

I'm glad to say that the books are getting good reviews, and people like them. A third story set in Tudor Canterbury, working title Lucy Innocent, is away at a publisher's being looked at, and  I keep my fingers crossed. Henry VIII is dead and gone, but his late wife's brothers are running the country, and they are not men you want to argue with.